Elevate Your Mortgage Experience with Stronghill’s New Broker Portal

There’s no question that one of the main priorities for a broker is to close loans and successfully get their client’s deals over the finish line. In today’s mortgage space, there are numerous lenders that can get you there, but it’s not always about the destination. Now more than ever, it’s the journey that counts.


So, how exactly is Stronghill elevating the transaction journey for you and your clients? Easy – we’ve debuted a brand new partner portal that allows you to do it all – price, submit, and close loans – all in one place. As a solution provider, it’s crucial to be equipped with the latest technology to not only help you close loans more efficiently, but also ensure that you’re delivering a smooth (and enjoyable!) transaction process for your borrowers.


Ready to take your mortgage business to the next level? Here’s how Stronghill Capital’s new and improved tech stack can help grow your pipeline this quarter:


Introducing Elevate

What if you could price, submit, and close your deals all with just one convenient tool? There’s no doubt it would probably make your job way easier, right? Fortunately, brokers who partner with Stronghill can now get exclusive access to Elevate, your one-stop-shop for pricing, submitting, and closing loans.


Designed to make the transaction smoother for you and your clients, Elevate solves for everything you need. From seamless file delivery to an integrated pricing engine and even automated milestone notifications sent throughout your transactions, there’s never been an easier way to close deals with Stronghill.


Ask any loan officer – one of the most arduous parts of the transaction process is storing and keeping track of all the paperwork. That’s why we’ve simplified the process for you. Now, our partners can easily submit and store documents and disclosures through Elevate. That’s not all – they can also take advantage of our state-of-the-art pricing engines.


Powerful Pricing

Powered by LoanNEX, our pricing engine allows you to price scenarios before the submission stage. All you have to do is input a few details, and in seconds, you’ll be able to determine eligibility and pricing for your specific scenarios. It’s that easy!


This tool is perfect for brokers who are trying to grow their DSCR business this year. Not only can you quickly provide clients with detailed information about their loan options before they even submit, but you’ll also stand out as a well-rounded solution provider. Plus, with our DSCR program improvements, you’ll be able to deliver competitive pricing and flexible qualification options for today’s investors.


In addition to reducing our DSCR ratio down to 0.75x, we’ve also expanded our eligible property types. Borrowers can now close on Mixed-Use, Multi-unit 1-8, and Multi-unit 9-10 (upon review). And if you’re working with non-US citizens, we also provide options for foreign national investors. Need more info on Stronghill’s alternative DSCR solution? Click here for a breakdown on everything you need to know about closing these loans with us.

The Stronghill Advantage


Last month, we drastically improved our pricing (more on that here). Now, we’re elevating the transaction experience with all-new technology designed to make your job easier. In fact, one recent transacting broker told us just how impactful Elevate has been to their business:


“Elevate has streamlined every step of the transaction process for me. The portal is user-friendly and gives me quick access to information about my deals. Now that I’ve used Elevate, there’s no going back.”


Want to experience Stronghill’s new mortgage technologies for yourself? Connect with us today to learn how you can get started with Elevate.