Enhancing Customer Experience and Boosting Sales with Stronghill’s Omnichannel Solutions

Want to stand out in today’s ever-evolving real estate market? We get it – it’s difficult for brokers and bankers alike to juggle clients’ mortgage needs as the market shifts and borrowers long for the perfect mortgage experience.


They want it all – low rates, flexible solutions, and a smooth transaction that preferably takes less time than it’ll take you to read this blog. The expectations are high, but what if it was possible to provide this and more? The trick is partnering with a strong lender that can equip you with the necessary tools to offer better loan options and a premium lending experience.


Luckily, our team at Stronghill Capital has designed a simple and smarter lending operation for brokers and bankers to help meet their clients’ mortgage needs. With a variety of delivery options and wide range of Non-QM loan solutions, we empower you to elevate both your business and your income.


Want to take your business to the next level? Here’s how our innovative processes can make a difference for you and your clients today:


Omnichannel Solutions

Ask any transacting loan officer working with Stronghill – one of the top reasons they keep coming back to us is our advanced omnichannel delivery options. In today’s market, it’s more important now than ever to work with a lender who gives you more choices when it comes to your lending.


As a wholesale and correspondent mortgage lender, we allow simultaneous approval of all channels under one working relationship, giving you more opportunities to close more loans. Whether you’re looking for a more traditional wholesale mortgage lending process or prefer us to purchase loans in bulk or flow, we give you the freedom to choose the method that works best for you.


Additionally, if you’re a correspondent partner, you can take advantage of either delegated or non-delegated underwriting options depending on your clients’ needs. This unique aspect of our business is ideal when you want to manage underwriting risks if a scenario doesn’t necessarily fit your bank’s guidelines, but is a strong fit for Stronghill’s programs. We allow you to submit a credit file for approval, and – here’s the best part — you can ensure a safe exit once the loan is funded.


Plus, if you have both a wholesale and correspondent approval, you can choose to shift production in case warehouse covenants are restricted. In other words, if you’re unable to meet certain requirements through your correspondent channel, we can offer alternative funding options with more flexible guidelines to help you secure loans for real estate investors.


Ultimately, our delivery options give you the flexibility to adjust operations and service levels when facing in-house challenges. By shifting loan delivery to other options, you can alleviate any pressure or constraints on existing operations and ensure you can continue to meet borrower demand.


One-Stop Shop


As a solution provider, you likely have a wide range of clients that all have different needs. From first-time investors to seasoned real estate moguls, all borrowers have unique circumstances that inform the type of mortgage financing they will need. So why not just partner with a lender that offers a variety of mortgage solutions all in one place?

As a Stronghill partner, you can access our full suite of Non-QM loan products, including small-balance commercial, asset depletion, and investor residential/DSCR, all while working with one trusted team. Thanks to our common-sense underwriting and unmatched flexibility, we have the ability to broker small-balance commercial and fully delegated DSCR loans under one relationship.


Working with one trusted partner makes it easier for you to provide a smooth lending experience and get your deals to the finish line.


The Stronghill Advantage


Our goal is simple. We want to empower you to elevate your business even while the real estate market fluctuates. That’s why our team of experts are committed to providing not only strong and flexible loan product solutions, but also giving you more choice in how you do business with us.


While other lenders are strict and scaling back originations, we’re allowing multiple deliveries under one strong partnership. With best-in-class technology, strong pricing, and expert guidance from submission to closing, you can ensure that a partnership with Stronghill will help your business reach new heights this year.

Connect with our team today to learn how you can elevate your business with Stronghill!