How to Grow Your Small-Balance Commercial Business with Stronghill

The headlines are dominated by news of rising rates and a slowing economy. Those trends are creating tougher conditions for mortgage brokers and bankers. As a result, it’s more important than ever to clearly promote your value proposition.

Regardless of economic conditions or interest rates, borrowers want advisors who can help navigate challenges. Here are five ways to maintain and grow a healthy pipeline:

Tap into your referral network

Contact people in your network, who regularly work with commercial property owners. This list may include commercial real estate brokers, residential realtors, commercial bankers, accountants, attorneys and financial advisors.

Reach out to past clients

The most successful professionals generate a steady stream of referrals and repeat clients. Finding new business through cold calls or advertising is often difficult and expensive. Working with people who already know and trust you is more efficient. Stay in touch with your database and ask if you can assist with their current financing needs.

Don’t keep your successes a secret

Close a deal? Post on your social channels! Request testimonials from your satisfied clients. Ask them to share a positive review on Google or leave a recommendation on LinkedIn. These voices help establish trust and credibility for you and the work you do.

Network in person

Attend a Chamber of Commerce meeting, commercial real estate networking event or other industry function. With trial and error, you can find several monthly events that will help generate new leads.

Offer your clients a compelling host of products 

Once you’ve got their attention, make sure to offer clients loans with common-sense underwriting. Stronghill Capital’s programs appeal to real estate investors, looking to finance mixed-use, retail, light industrial, and residential properties… just to name a few.

Stronghill Capital is a national leader in providing borrower-friendly mortgage loans. We offer predictable processes so you can feel confident that your deals will close on time. Our team is led by veteran real estate professionals, with billions of dollars of experience in lending and asset management.

At Stronghill Capital, we strive to protect our brokers’ and borrowers’ best interests. We do this by making the process faster, easier, and more efficient. To learn more about The Stronghill Advantage and how we can help you close more loans,  contact one of our originators today.