Investor Residential Property Trends in 2022

Between rising rates and historic inflation, demand for traditional home loans has plummeted. Buyers simply have less purchasing power. At the same time, supply remains short while demand for housing continues to increase. As the market tightens, now is the time for savvy investors to consider residential real estate.

All signs point to a significant slowdown in the overall US based housing market. This can represent a significant opportunity for investors in residential property. As prospective home buyers step away from purchasing, there is less competition for available inventory. This coupled with an ongoing shortage of available housing indicates prices and rents will continue to climb. During this time investors can look to their brokers and Stronghill for ways to capitalize.

At Stronghill Capital we understand that in the current environment mortgage rates, for investment residential properties, can be especially confusing. Since we are a balance sheet lender our rates are much less susceptible to broader market volatility. Lenders who rely exclusively on the capital markets, for access to liquidity, have experienced substantial upward movement in pricing. Many have even exited the space entirely. As a national leader in providing mortgages on investor residential properties we have financing options available for variety of properties. These include 1-4 unit, small multifamily (5-8 units) and small mixed-use (2-8 units), all at competitive rates with fixed pricing.

Our investor residential loans also come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. Such as Interest Only, 5, 7, 10 and 30-year fixed-rate options. We deliver quick painless, closings, non-intrusive documentation requirements and flexible hassle-free underwriting Generally we require no tax returns or income verification and make loans on properties of up to $4 million.

Because our financing options are innovative and tailored to your borrower’s needs, we can offer the perfect solution. Whether a first-time investor looking to get into the short-term rental world or an industry veteran looking to expand their portfolio, Stronghill has the solution.

To ensure quick closings, we work hand in hand with our broker partners to obtain the documentation needed to support your client’s loan application. These include items such as bank statements, leases and third-party reports like an appraisal or title. We also encourage you to have your borrowers divulge as much as possible upfront. Any potential roadblocks, such as credit blemishes or issues with the property, are much more easily addressed on the frontend. In the underwriting process, the fewer surprises are better.

At Stronghill Capital, our goal is to make the loan process faster, easier, and more reliable. You can feel confident that you and your borrower’s best interests are protected and your deals will close on time. Our team is led by veteran real estate professionals, with billions of dollars of experience in lending and asset management.

To learn more about “The Stronghill Advantage” and how we can help you close more loans, contact one of our originators today.