Maximizing Profit Margins: The Benefits of Partnering with the Right Wholesale Mortgage Lender

Despite offering rate buydowns, closing credits, waiving origination fees, and extending additional borrower incentives you are still likely facing challenges in growing your pipeline, due to an environment of rapidly rising interest rates.

Developing a competitive advantage is more important now than it has ever been. Complacency and reliance on legacy ways will undoubtedly lead to failure. The market rewards strategy, decisiveness, resourcefulness, and outshining the competition. Often this can be accomplished by something as simple as partnering with the right direct wholesale mortgage lender. Especially if that lender is an industry disruptor, unaffected by legacy challenges.

Despite a mid-February double-digit dive in nationwide residential mortgage applications, Stronghill Capital has continued to expand its wholesale and correspondent lending operations. With a commitment to deploying best-in-class technology, products, pricing, and processes we’re singularly focused on streamlining the wholesale mortgage relationship. We have done all this while remaining centered on a strategy predicated on long-term growth and sustainability.1

A Full-Service Partner Built to Help You Grow


Stronghill Capital’s primary objective is to offer solutions that represent competitive advantages and real value, for retail originators. We realize that partnering with the right direct wholesale mortgage lender is a key factor in developing a healthy bottom line. That is why our solutions are uniquely tailored to support growth in your overall pipeline and closed loan production.

By leveraging Stronghill’s direct wholesale mortgage platform, brokers and bankers will experience enhanced efficiency, flexibility, and simplicity. We accomplish this in several different ways.

Omnichannel Products & Delivery Options


With the capability to service relationships across the wholesale mortgage spectrum, Stronghill’s omnichannel delivery options offer something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a traditional wholesale arrangement or would prefer to sell production as a delegated or non-delegated correspondent, Stronghill can meet your needs. We can accommodate brokered transactions or will buy loans on a flow, bulk, or forward commitment basis. The choice is yours, as we offer an all of the above approach that makes funding loans explicitly easy. While other originators continue to struggle, managing multiple wholesale and correspondent relationships, partnering with Stronghill will afford you the optionality necessary to succeed in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. Close more deals, with the freedom to choose the delivery option that works best for you.

An additional and unique advantage, offered by Stronghill, is our suite of products. No longer will you need multiple relationships to support your consumer and commercial financing needs. That’s because Stronghill has the flexibility to fund various loan types. From Consumer Non-QM & Non-Agency Jumbo to Investor Residential/DSCR & Small Balance Commercial, Stronghill is here to serve.

Each of these products also represents a sector of the mortgage market that has historically been underserved, affording an opportunity to capture market share more easily. According to a recent CoreLogic report, origination volumes in Non-QM alone are expected to nearly double in 2022. With the right partner, this can translate into closed loans and increased revenues.

Omnichannel delivery options and product optionality are a true recipe for success! By partnering with a direct wholesale mortgage lender, like Stronghill, you’ll be better able to address things like risk management, cost controls, pipeline growth, and closed loan volumes. You can accomplish all this while maintaining greater control over the general consumer experience.

Synergy and Integration


No matter the market niche and regardless of your business model, the Stronghill platform is designed to create a synergistic environment.

In today’s world “big data” plays an outsized role in influencing consumer behavior. Nowhere is that more true than in the world of mortgage finance. Based on recent trends, it’s common for originators to flag potential consumers over 100 days before they complete an actual loan application.3 Having the right partner to support lead-to-client conversion is essential to improved loan production.

Stronghill can help brokers and bankers target the deals that have the biggest impact on their bottom line. The right technological tools along with a fully integrated suite of products mean less time converting leads and more time spent closing deals.


The Stronghill Advantage


As a national leader in wholesale and correspondent lending, Stronghill is here to meet the needs of mortgage brokers and bankers like you. Expansion is our objective and with a well-capitalized balance sheet plus a desire to grow production volumes, Stronghill is positioned to help you achieve more.

Based on our omnichannel delivery options and one of the most diverse and unique product sets in the market, we give you more ways to serve your clients and more ways to generate revenue. Whether you are seeking a partner for Non-QM, Non-Agency Jumbo, Investor Residential/DSCR, or Small Balance Commercial… we’ve got it covered. At Stronghill the focus is you because your success is our success!

Contact an Account Executive today, to find out why the only advantage you’ll ever need is “The Stonghill Advantage.”


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