Investor residential & commercial loans made simple

We elevate the borrowing experience through a quick, reliable, and hassle-free commercial lending process.

Stronghill Capital

The Stronghill Process

Facilitated by our veteran team of lending specialists, we provide small balance loans for investor residential ($150K-$4M) and commercial ($500K-$10M) properties. Our offering includes, but is not limited to, cash-out refinances, full & light-doc commercial loans and a non-QM DSCR program. We enhance our brokers’ businesses and their borrowers’ portfolios with unmatched flexibility, a predictable process, and flexible underwriting.


Our affiliation with Arrowmark Partners also allows us to offer lending solutions for income-producing commercial real estate, ranging from $10M to $100M.


Discover how Stronghill can help you provide innovative and individualized financing solutions.

A Streamlined and Uncomplicated Process, Across Every Business Line.


A Stronghill submission package typically includes items such as a loan application, credit authorization, property specific documentation (i.e. profit & loss statements, leases and rent rolls) and in some circumstances borrower related income documentation.


Tip for brokers!

Depending on the loan program, we have streamlined documentation requirements. No tax returns and no income verification options are accessible to you and your clients.


After an initial evaluation, our team of seasoned originators submit loan packages to underwriting where an extensive review takes place. This includes background diligence for borrowers, sponsors and properties, extensive cash-flow analysis, pricing review/approval and the issuance of conditional approvals.


Tip for brokers!

Submit a complete package to reduce closing time. The faster we can build a credit file, the quicker we can close your loan.


A closing is scheduled after the receipt and satisfactory review of all underwriting conditions, 3rd party reports (i.e. appraisal, title, etc.) and final approvals have been issued.


Tip for brokers!

Stronghill Capital funds loans after borrowers have executed all necessary loan documents and said forms have been reviewed by a Stronghill closer.

Our partnership with Arrowmark Partners allows us to offer solutions for income-producing loans ranging from $10M to $75M.

Stronghill can provide you with innovative and individualized financing solutions.

Key Benefits

We elevate every deal on an individual basis from application to close through:


Flexible Loans

We account for a borrower’s experience, individual financing needs, and investment goals to tailor a custom solution. Property related LTV, DSCR and DY also factor into final deal structure/rate.


Financial Strength

Through our affiliation with ArrowMark Partners, we are a well-capitalized, direct, balance sheet lender. These capabilities allow us to assist borrowers with significant lending needs while offering competitive rates across asset classes.


Reliable Processes

We provide the same predictable process regardless of lending program. This ensures clear communication at every step, no matter the borrower or business line, leading to dependable closings.


Innovative Financing

Even for investors with little or no experience in real estate investing, we are committed to providing solutions that allows them to advance their financial goals.