Closed Deals Mean Bonus Incentives Through Dec. 31

At Stronghill Capital, we believe in rewarding our most loyal customers. That’s why we’re offering our broker partners an attractive year end promotion. When you submit and close deals, from October 17, 2022 until December 31, 2022 you’ll be eligible to earn additional commissions.

  • One deal, receive a $500 bonus
  • Two deals, collect a $1,500 reward
  • Three or more deals, get $3,000

Have a look at some of our recent “Strong” closings:

East Elmhurst, New York

A quality property and an experienced sponsor were critical factors in closing this transaction in East Elmhurst, NY. See how Stronghill’s ability to close resulted in the broker earning over $200,000! Read More.

Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach, Florida

Flexibility and certainty of execution were big reasons why Stronghill was able to facilitate this loan. Discover how we were able to help this borrower purchase a property that they have owner-occupied since 1987! Read More.

Portland, Maine

Strong sponsorship and long-term asset ownership allowed Stronghill to overcome concerns and brew up a robust solution for this transaction in Portland, Maine. Read More.

At Stronghill Capital, we aim to make the loan process faster, easier, and more reliable. With veteran industry professionals at the helm, and billions of dollars of lending and asset management experience, Stronghill is here to assist. You can feel confident your deals will close on time. Check out our recent transactions here.

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