Stronghill Capital: Your One-Stop Shop for DSCR & Small-Balance Commercial Solutions

Are you looking to grow your mortgage business? It can be difficult, especially in today’s real estate market, where more and more borrowers are at a standstill and hesitant to pull the trigger on buying a new home. But despite the challenges in the industry, there are still plenty of fruitful opportunities – especially in the DSCR and small-balance commercial space. 


The trick is expanding your offerings to reach a new demographic of clients. It’s not enough these days to just work with homebuyers. Small-business owners, real estate investors, and self-employed borrowers are the ones who are making the market move. Sure, they can be on the hunt for a single-family home, but they’re also looking to finance commercial and investment properties to grow their own businesses. 


As a solution provider, it’s up to you to meet their needs with a well-rounded list of loan offerings that work for a wide range of borrowers. And let’s face it: a traditional bank can’t always give you the “yes” your clients are looking for. You need an alternative mortgage lender. You need Stronghill Capital on your side.


Here’s how our one-stop-shop can help you grow your DSCR and commercial business this year:


DSCR Loan Solutions

There are some real estate investors who may be able to secure financing through a bank for their next investment property, but there are others who need a more flexible option. That’s when a DSCR solution can help.

At Stronghill Capital, our DSCR Solution allows borrowers to qualify for financing without having to provide tax returns. The borrower can qualify based on the property’s cash flow only. Our DSCR Solution also provides for Entity Borrower transactions. This means that the LLC can buy the home in the name of the LLC! 


It’s simple – we calculate the DSCR, or the borrower’s ability to make their loan payments, by dividing the property’s net operating income (NOI) by its total debt service (loan payments). If the property has a higher net operating income compared to its debt service, that means there’s a lower risk of default, and the investor can easily qualify for financing. Stronghill accepts DSCR ratios from 0.75, giving more borrowers the opportunity to qualify for loans. Click here for more info on our DSCR solution. 

Small-Balance Commercial Solutions

In addition to DSCR solutions, brokers who partner with Stronghill also get access to small-balance commercial loans. We provide flexible funding (up to $10MM) for investors looking to finance commercial properties. 


While other lenders have a limit on the types of properties they can fund, we’ve been able to expand our eligible properties list. Our eligible property types include everything from Multifamily, Mixed-Use, Office, and Retail to Light Industrial/Warehouse, Self-Storage, Mobile Home Communities, Investment Residential, Automotive, Daycare, Restaurants (including quick service), and Special Purpose (case by case). As you can see, your investor clients have a wider range of options when you partner with Stronghill.


That’s not all – we also have flexible terms (high LTVs and lower FICO score requirements) and a hassle-free underwriting process to ensure that you and your clients have a smooth transaction, from submission to closing.

The Stronghill Advantage

When you choose to partner with Stronghill, you get more choice in lending. Thanks to our omnichannel delivery feature, you have the ability to broker both small balance commercial and fully delegated DSCR loans within one organization. You can also take advantage of either delegated or non-delegated underwriting options depending on your clients’ needs for each unique loan. 


As you continue to grow and expand your mortgage business, it’s crucial that you are able to offer solutions that borrowers are looking for today. With Stronghill on your side, you can ensure you’ll always have loan programs that will get your clients’ deals over the finish line.