Stronghill July Spotlight: Flexing Our Closing Strength

At Stronghill Capital, our clients know they can depend on our efficient solutions to create a smoother, quicker, result-oriented experience. We do this through a streamlined and predictable process across every business line.

Take this Stronghill Spotlight as a great example.

This acquisition of a 7 unit, retail plaza, containing 20,306 square feet of rentable space and located in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach, Florida MSA recently closed. The tenant mix was unique and included multiple automotive repair businesses, a professional door designer/installer, a doctor’s office, and a church. The borrower’s business, one of automotive repair tenants, has occupied the property since 1987.

In addition to this purchase transaction, Stronghill simultaneously closed a cash-out refinance on another automotive related property, providing the sponsor with the funds necessary to execute on the acquisition of the subject.

Deal Highlights

  • Loan Amount – $3,850,000
  • Interest Rate – 5.50%
  • Term – 10-year Fixed Rate Term, 25 Year Amortization
  • LTV – 70%
  • DSCR – 1.10x
  • Broker Commission – $38,500

Flexibility and speed were big reasons why Stronghill was able to facilitate this loan, which afforded the borrower the opportunity to purchase a property that they have owner-occupied since 1987.

At Stronghill Capital, we always act in our brokers’ and their borrowers’ best interests. Learn more about “The Stronghill Advantage” and see how we can help you close more loans by contacting one of our originators today.