Stronghill June Spotlight: Flexing Our Closing Strength

At Stronghill Capital, our clients know they can depend on our efficient solutions that create a smoother, quicker, result-oriented experience. We do this through a streamlined and predictable process across every business line.

Take this Stronghill Spotlight as a great example.

The borrower originally purchased this 15-unit multifamily property, located in the Blackrock neighborhood of Bridgeport, CT in late 2020. Even with the recentness of the acquisition, Stronghill was able to offer a cash-out refinance that provided the borrower with over $1.1MM in fresh capital. This in turn has given them the funds necessary to invest in additional real estate. Having proven their ability to execute on value-add commercial real estate (the subject property’s value increased 3x, through renovation and resulting rent increases to align with a strong market), this access to liquidity is sure to afford them the opportunity to replicate this investment achievement in the future.

Deal Highlights

  • Loan Amount – $1,463,000
  • Interest Rate – 5.99%
  • Term – 10-year Fixed Rate Term, 30 Year Amortization
  • LTV – 70%
  • DSCR – 1.24x
  • Broker Commission – $7,315

Strong sponsorship and a proven track record were a big reason why Stronghill was able to close this deal in just 17 days!

At Stronghill Capital, we always act in our brokers’ and their borrowers’ best interests. Learn more about “The Stronghill Advantage” and see how we can help you close more loans by contacting one of our originators today.